This was my transformation
....you can do it too!!


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Your new body starts here!!!

Welcome to Buckshaw Fitness, this is where you leave your present physical activity level and push past it to find the new you.

Look through our website to discover just how we can help you and your family.

Our training sessions are designed for everybody to be able to take part providing they are both Medically & Physically Fit. If you can relate to any of the questions/statements below, then Buckshaw Fitness can help you:

- I can't run!!
- I've never trained before
- I've had a baby and exercised since
- Do I have to be fit?
- What if I cant keep up?
- I get embarrassed when I go to the gym because I feel people are watching me!!
- Will I be able to improve my fitness?
- I want to be able to run a 5k
- Are the sessions going to too hard for me to take part in?

I've heard all these kind of questions and statements from past and present members/clients. The simple answer to all these is 'ANYONE' can train with Buckshaw Fitness if they have the right frame of mind.

What you need to have at the front of your mind is:

I'm doing this for myself, i might not be able to perform like some of the people participating in the group sessions but I will give 100% to achieve 'MY OWN PERSONAL GOALS'....the only thing that can stop me is....ME!

There is no quick fix to developing a body you want and your first session will be the worst, but it will be the first session of your new body and the LAST time you'll see the body your trying to change!!!